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Mother's Day Portrait Special 2017

April 26, 2017

My ideal weekend is spent with a cup of coffee and a good book.My ideal weekend is spent with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Attention: Beautiful Moms! (And by that I mean ALL MOMS!) 

Time for you to appreciate how gorgeous you are! I've got a PORTRAIT SPECIAL for you! For just $99 (plus taxes), you'll get a 2-3 hour portrait session, wardrobe consultation, and makeup artistry for your very own Beauty Shoot! With your portrait order, you'll also receive a modern 8x12 metal desk portrait (valued at $299 and only offered though this special). 

I am offering UNLIMITED sessions at this value from now till May 14, 2017. Tag your mom, sisters, and friends to share the news!

Offer may not be combined with other offers or promotions. Photography session must be scheduled between now and August 31, 2017. You will return approximately two weeks after your photography session to view your proofs and make image purchase decisions. Images not included in this offer and must be purchased separately. The free modern 8x12 metal desk portrait is available only with the purchase of images. Offer available only to mothers for beauty styled images.

Call 623-698-2228 today to book. Offer Expires: May 14, 2017.


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DSC_8804 2016 07 29 Hannah Potter crop v4 low res wmDSC_8804 2016 07 29 Hannah Potter crop v4 low res wmHannah Potter
by Ron Brewer Images


"There are two ways of being creative. One can sing and dance. Or one can create an environment in which singers and dancers flourish."

Warren Bennis understands my purpose as a dance photographer.


Ron Brewer Images


Experience Yourself

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DSC_4615 2016 05 07 Kathy Harris crop ad low resDSC_4615 2016 05 07 Kathy Harris crop ad low resKathy Harris
by Ron Brewer Images


Beauty is the opposite of perfection - It's about confidence, charisma and character.
~ unknown author


A sentence can be constructed with perfect grammar, but it may not be a beautiful statement that is a work of art. It may be boring. For it to be memorable, an author must artfully select the words and place them together so that they pull at your emotions. It's the same when it comes to a photographer capturing your beauty in a photograph.

Models and Everyday Women

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DSC_0342 2016 02 27 Ada Sanchez crop low res wmDSC_0342 2016 02 27 Ada Sanchez crop low res wmAda Sanchez
by Ron Brewer Images


Periodically, I photograph models. Most of the time, I photograph "everyday women". Many of the pictures that you see on my page are of everyday women. They are real people with real life going on all around them. They are mothers, singles, partners and have the grind of a daily jobs. They are twenty-somethings up though sixty-somethings (and sometimes older - age is not a barrier to finding beauty). If you look at an image and can't tell if she is an everyday woman or possibly a model, then I've done my job.

It's one of my favorite things to do!

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DSC_0655 2016 02 27 Ada Sanchez crop low res wmDSC_0655 2016 02 27 Ada Sanchez crop low res wmAda Sanchez
by Ron Brewer Images


It's one of my favorite things to do.


I love to create images that capture a woman's beauty. I want her to have images that she will cherish today as well as when she matures in life. I want her to have images that say to her children "I am beautiful" and "I believe in myself". Her images can teach her sons and daughters how to respect feminine beauty. Her partner will have pride in her. But, most of all, she will have pride in herself.

Beauty is Not Defined by Age

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DSC_7470 2015 04 10 Valerie Jackson low res wmDSC_7470 2015 04 10 Valerie Jackson low res wmValerie Jackson
by Ron Brewer Images


Beauty is not defined by age.

Valerie told me that she is proud of her gray hair. And she should be! She responded to my model call for people with gray hair to be photographed in beauty inspired images. She was a perfect selection!



It's Not for Someone Else

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You would think that the reason most women want to do a beauty or boudoir photo shoot is to give pictures to their significant other. Some do, but that's not usually what it's all about. They do it for themselves. You wouldn't think so, but it can be a life changer. It's amazing how it builds confidence. It can change how you perceive yourself.

Enjoy Your Art from the Audience Perspective

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DSC_1700 2014 11 07 Marie and Chad BursonDSC_1700 2014 11 07 Marie and Chad BursonMarie and Chad Burson
by Ron Brewer Images


Except for watching themselves practice in the studio mirrors, dancers rarely ever get to actually see themselves performing. A few lucky ones get to watch their performance when a video is professionally created.

While watching themselves in a studio mirror, dancers are focused on perfecting technique and not able to simply enjoy the beauty of their art. Plus, while in the studio, they only see themselves from their eye level vantage point. A still photograph removes those barriers and frees them to simply enjoy the art that they are creating. To see themselves from the perspective of an audience member that has the best seat in the house. They get to view their dance from varied camera angles, something they can't see in a mirror. Many artists, such as painters, get to admire their art as it's displayed in it's final form, but anyone that performs on a stage misses a lifetime of seeing the final form of their own art.

Dancers enjoy dancing, or they wouldn't dance. But think how much more they would reap the enjoyment if they could see the final form of their own art. 

Enjoy the art that you work so hard to create. Enjoy it fully.

Dancer Credit:  Chad and Marie Bursen

Always Looking

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DSC_6155 2014 04 09 Tye Starr compositeDSC_6155 2014 04 09 Tye Starr composite

DSC_5094 2014 04 06 Rachel Logan cropDSC_5094 2014 04 06 Rachel Logan cropRachael Logan
by Ron Brewer Images

DSC_6208 2014 04 08 Tye Starr cropDSC_6208 2014 04 08 Tye Starr cropTye Starr
by Ron Brewer Images

I'm always looking for good locations to do shoots. 

A lot of my clients want to shoot in public parks, but those aren't always the best option. Even though it can be hard to find green areas here in the Phoenix area, the green areas can tend to just become boring and flat in the background. Don't get me wrong, sometimes they are perfect for the look that you want, but I usually prefer something with architectural interest (some geometric lines) and textures in the background. Downtown can be a great area in certain places. Old, dilapidated buildings are my favorites (inside and out), but it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to gain access to them (everyone is afraid of the liability issues). Desert and mountain scenes can sometimes work for a certain look. A lot of places can work, but a lot of places just don't work. Always looking.

In the Images: Rachel Logan and Tye Starr
by Ron Brewer Images

Beautiful Days

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DSC_6734 2016 01 30 Katie Marie low res wmDSC_6734 2016 01 30 Katie Marie low res wmKatie Marie Beechler
by Ron Brewer Images


This shot of Katie was recently made outdoors on a beautiful, sunny day, up in north Phoenix. 

It's fun to head out with only a camera, one lens and someone to photograph. Sometimes I use flash outdoors to get a specific look, but it's great to travel lite like this. Arizona has very hot summers, so it's almost impossible to get good outdoor shots in the summer. Your subject gets sweaty very quickly, and that rarely is a look that I want. But for about 9 months of the year, we have great weather for outdoor shoots. And, nice weather can either mean a sunny day or a cloudy day. They each can give you a different kind of light to play with.

Model: Katie Marie


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