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Boudoir Photography: Not Just for Models - Ron Brewer Images

April 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

You don't have to be a professional model to have amazing boudoir pictures. You don't even have to look like a model. With the right photographer, YOU can look beautiful, classy and sensual in your boudoir images!  

And I would NOT recommend waiting until you take off that extra five pounds before you do your boudoir photography session. You've heard that the camera can add ten pounds, so you think that you need to drop a lot of weight in order to look good? With the right photographer, it's just not true. You won't have to worry about the extra weight. 

Now is the time to do your boudoir session.



You Are Your Face

April 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment




Dr. Regina Barreca has said "You are your face. And when you hate your face, it's a pretty short step to hating yourself."

I'm always amazed at how many women don't like something about their face. And some even hate their face. Almost always, the part of their face that they don't like is something that no one else would ever notice. It's not bad or ugly. But they have decided that it is bad or ugly. And so that is how they end up seeing themselves: bad or ugly. What we believe about ourselves affects everything about our life.  Everything. It affects how we treat ourselves and how we treat others.  And it snowballs because it affects what we teach our children about beauty and about accepting themselves in a healthy way. We are not usually aware of it, but it does.

Don't overlook your beauty. Sometimes it takes a good photograph for people to realize that they are beautiful. 


Teach Your Daughters About Beauty

April 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


I have been surprised recently with how many women have been telling me that they want their daughters to see images of them that make them look beautiful. Women often create tasteful boudoir, glamour and beauty images as a gift to their significant other or just as a gift to themselves. Sometimes they want to record how they look at that particular point in life. But now I am hearing this new reason: to display their beauty with their daughters. 

I am so pleased to be hearing this! What an opportunity for further bonding between mother and daughter, especially as the daughter is maturing. And I can't think of a better way to educate your daughter about what physical beauty is really all about. It's not all about the commercial image we have today in the media - an ideal that most women cannot possibly obtain. Why, even top models say it takes hours of makeup work for them to look like their commercial image! And many are photoshopped far beyond what they look like in real life. It's important to teach our daughters that every woman can be beautiful. To teach them that beauty in the media is altered to something that is basically impossible in real life (it's pretty, but it's not real). To teach them that there is beauty in the normal and average women we see everyday. To teach them that their mother is beautiful. To teach them that they are beautiful. What a beautiful gift to give to your daughter!

Felicia Ewing 
Hair and Makeup: Jame Leydecker 
Poet: Jean Robey 
Photographer: Ron Brewer Images 


Do You Overlook Your Beauty?

April 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment



I collaborate regularly with Dr. Jean Robey for artistic purposes.  She made a comment to me this week that got me to thinking.

She said that she had an elderly patient that had overlooked himself his entire life. That statement moved me. It seemed rather tragic. She went on to talk about how people can overlook themselves in so many different ways. Women, for instance, can easily overlook their beauty. They can go through life not realizing that they are beautiful. They can even reject their beauty and believe themselves ugly. How often I see this in my photographing women. My specialty is to make women look beautiful in images. Most women cry when they see the images because they are seeing a beauty in themselves that they had not recognized before. They usually think that it will require heavy photoshop retouching to make them look beautiful, but I use as little photoshop as possible. I want the image to still look like them. I want them, and others, to be able to recognize them. If I change them so much that they no longer look like themselves, then I've actually failed because I really then saying that they are not beautiful; I am saying that I had to make them look like someone else in order to make them beautiful. I would then be confirming their fear that that are not beautiful. My goal is to find the beauty that already exists within them and display it. Proving how beautiful they really are, just by being themselves.

Don't overlook your beauty.


Dancers - A Different Breed

April 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


Serious dancers are a different breed of person.

I been privileged to photograph some dancers that are serious about their art form. And some have become very good friends. They are different from the rest of us. They are passionate about their dance. They are patient, tenacious, incredibly self-disciplined, focused, and physically work like olympic athletes. It seems they get little validation from others, but continue on like professionals (even when they are amateurs). They often seem to be injured, but continue on. They go on stage while in pain, but have to do it with a smile that is true to the art form. The industry joke is that if ballet were any easier, they would call it football. I have no idea if that is true or not, but I get the point. 

by Ron Brewer Images

Casting Call - Bodies With Scars

March 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


Casting Call - Bodies with Scars 

One of my current projects is to photograph people that have scars on their bodies. It's called The Scars Project. 

Often people are ashamed of their scars, or, at minimum, wish they didn't have them. Dr. Jean Robey calls them the battle scars of life; physical scars caused by injury or surgery. But these scars have become beauty marks. The beauty marks of life. This project serves to display the beauty marks of life with the hope of helping women realize their beauty; to be healed emotionally. 

If you have a scar and are interested in being a part of this project, send me a private message so we can talk.

Desert Photo Shoot

March 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


Want a unique portrait?  Try a desert photo shoot.

A photo shoot in the desert can happen here in the Phoenix area most times of the year, except when the heat is bad in the summer. My favorite time to do a photo shoot in the desert is spring. The desert is in bloom and provides for some amazing backgrounds. One of my favorite colorful backgrounds during this season is the Arizona Ironwood tree in bloom. The plentiful yellow blooms explode with color when backlit by the sun, as in the image above and immediately below. It creates a unique look. The Ironwood only blooms for a couple of weeks of the year, so timing of the photo shoot is critical.

​Another unique feature of our deserts is the saguaro cactus. They only grow in this part of the world, so this is the place to get a portrait in a setting that just can't be done anywhere else!

How do you dream of being photographed?

March 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


How to you dream of being photographed?

Every woman wants to be beautiful.  But even more, every woman wants to believe that she is beautiful.  What most women don't believe is that they are beautiful.  Sometimes, it takes a good photograph for a woman to believe in her beauty.  A good photographer that knows how to bring out your beauty can give you that new perspective; give you that new reality.  It's time to prove your beauty to yourself.

Black and White Photogrpahy

March 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I love black and white photography.  

I didn't hold an appreciation for it when I was younger, but my daughter taught me it's beauty and value.  Now I can't get enough of it.

Plus, it's not everyday you get to photograph someone with the character that this subject has to show.  The age, the long hair and the ink.  It all comes together to create something special. He was just made for black and white photography!


Close Up and Macro Photography Workshop

March 09, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Close Up and Macro Photography Workshop

Saturday: March 15, 2014
Time: 9am to 1pm
Cost: $79

Learn how to create amazing images of the world close-up. Take common objects and make WOW photographs of them.

Bring your notebook and pen for the "how to" presentation during the first half of the workshop. And bring your camera for the hands-on experience as we photograph subjects up close and personal in the second half.

This workshop is for DSLR cameras, not Point-and-Shoot cameras.

It's easy to register online at