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Mom, I AM beautiful

May 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Most people don't like how their face looks. At least that's what I often hear as a portrait photographer. They tell me that they don't like their nose, ears, lips, chin, roundness or whatever. So they want me to make that part of their face look better.

What I find interesting, is that the very thing that people don't like about their face is not a problem for anyone else that's looking at them. Others just can't see it. Everything looks good. 

Psychologist Anna Rowley says that we are a fault-based society. We are taught from an early age to look for our faults to make them better. I agree with her. But so many people go to extremes when it comes to accepting how they look. They are overly self-critical. 

You would be surprised at how even women that are physically stunning, still have issues with their looks. I've often asked such women when it was in their history that they realized they were beautiful, or did they just always believe it as such. I often hear that they believed they were literally ugly until some point in their lives. But many still had issues with specific things about how they look.

Perhaps my favorite part of portrait photography is being able to help people feel good about how they look. I"ll never forget the day when, after seeing her images, the young teenage girl said "Mom, I AM beautiful." 

National Dance Week 2015 OFFER

April 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


A free studio photo shoot and digital images


In recognition of National Dance Week 2015, I wish to "give back" to the dance community. I have the highest regard for dancers and the constant discipline they endure for the sake of their art. I can't express how much I enjoy photographing dancers, so I want to make a gift to a dancer (or dance couple).

In recognition of National Dance Week 2015, I am providing a free studio photo shoot session and 4 retouched, high resolution digital images from the shoot to an dancer (or a couple dance team). One of the images will be a head shot. The recipient may be an advanced dance student, pre-professional, professional dancer, a teacher of dance, or a studio owner. The recipient must be currently involved in dance. To apply, just send me a personal message on Facebook providing your name, where it is that you dance, and the kinds of dance that you are involved in, as well as any other information that you deem helpful. The application must be received by May 4, the end of National Dance Week. The photo shoot may be scheduled for a later date.

Congratulations to all of those involved in dance. Enjoy your week!



Shades of Gray

March 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Shades of Gray

If you have a shade of gray hair, then I'm looking for you!
Gray, silver, white, or anything in the shades of gray.  If your hair color falls into those tones, you might be one of the women that I would like to photograph. For free.
I firmly believe that beauty is found in all ages, but our culture has not acknowledged that in the past.  We are beginning to see a change. The beauty in mature women is being recognized today, mostly because these women DECIDED to find and show off their beauty.  Mature women are becoming shamelessly feminine. They are gaining the confidence to show that they are beautiful. Beauty is far less about age than it is about confidence and finding the best way to present yourself.
I want to find a few women with gray hair (or some shade of gray) to add to my professional portfolio. I prefer middle aged women or older, but will consider someone younger if you have a gray tone of hair.  If you are selected, I will provide you with a free photo shoot and two retouched digital images from the shoot. All at no cost to you, in exchange for your time in participating in my photography project.
To apply, send me a private message here on Facebook. If you don’t have any pictures of yourself on Facebook, then send me a couple of snapshots in your message. 
Ron Brewer Images

Beware of Baby Boomers

March 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Beware of the Baby Boomers! 


Every decade the Baby Boomers have redefined their world. so it's not at all surprising that beauty is being redefined for the mature generation. 


The breaking market for beauty based photography is the 50+ demographic. Be it fashion or beauty inspired images or boudoir photography, this generation is determined to find their beauty as they mature and show it off. And the right photographers have never been more prepared to make that happen.


“Attitude and presence have a lot more to do with someone thinking that you are older than you are.”
~ Baltimore City Councilwoman Helen Holton (54)

Your Beauty Isn't Over at 50

March 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Your beauty isn't over when you hit 50.

You can come off as beautiful as you want to be. Believe it. Do it. And then, let's make those beauty images of you. You will cherish them more and more as the years pass.

In fact, gray hair is the new rage!




Simple is Beautiful

February 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

"Simple is beautiful."

I don't know who authored this statement, but I do agree with it. Yet, the inverse may not always be as true. "Beauty is simple." Sometimes it seems that beauty. rather than being simple, is complex and even complicated.

Dr. Jean Robey shared with me today that her young daughter has a sweet happiness about her beauty and her son knows beauty as complicated. How true it is that beauty is different for each person, each subculture and each people group around the world.

Finding your own beauty and being comfortable in your own skin is an individual search that begins early in life and continues throughout life as our body and perspectives change with age. As we mature physically, we have to go back through the process of finding our beauty all over again. And we get to do this many times throughout life. Beauty is a moving target. And some experience an adult-onset of beauty, finding their beauty for the first time later in life.

It's always a nice discovery.

For My Son

February 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

For My Son


Give your son a true reflection of womanhood and motherhood.

You were the first woman in his life. You framed his understanding of motherhood and womanhood. 
When your son sees images of you that show off your beauty, he learns to respect you as a woman, and not just as mom. It helps him  respect all women. He learns that woman are also mothers.
Each of these women in these images are mothers of sons. Each were photographed to celebrate their beauty. Now it's your turn.
Ron Brewer Images
(623) 698-2228
Poet:  Dr. Jean Robey 
The Mothers:  Dr. Jean Robey, Kathy Harris, Marie Burson
Makeup and Hair for Dr. Robey:  Jame Leydecker
Photographer:  Ron Brewer Images

For My Daugher

February 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Your daughter should have images of the beautiful you.

Images that let her see your beauty? Images for her to remember you by and cherish forever? Images that teach her about the beauty to be found in every woman as well as herself. Images that say you can celebrate each other's beauty regardless of what happens in the everyday life that you share?

Each of these women are mothers of daughters. Each were photographed to celebrate their beauty. Now it's your turn. Call Ron Brewer Images today to schedule your session.


Ron Brewer Images
(623) 698-2228

Not Everyone Likes Valentine's Day

February 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


Not everyone looks forward to Valentine's Day.  

And everyone that feels that way has their own reason. Maybe your reason is because you don't feel special. Not beautiful enough. Not enough self-confidence. You don't like the way you look. Are those not your reason? Analyze what your reason is and see if one or more of these aren't really at the base of your feelings. 

If that's where you are, then let's do something towards changing that. Let's find your beauty with images designed to do just that.

Ron Brewer Images
(623) 698-2228

Adult Onset of Beauty

February 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Adult-Onset of Beauty

An adult-onset of beauty is a condition that affects the physical appearance and emotional state of maturing women. It develops most often in women over the age of 30, but can first occur in women beyond 50 years of age. The condition is rare, but known cases are increasing at a rapid rate as women gain a new consciousness of finding their beauty.

There are no known risk factors. Common symptoms include a increased self-esteem, greater self-confidence, improved relationships, a more satisfying intimate life, and happier spouses.

The cause remains unknown, even though some thought has been given to a virus or other type of infectious agent as a trigger agent. No known proof of such agent exists to date. Most research attributes it to a change in one's belief system about beauty itself and how it relates to the patient.  That is, a change in how they see themselves and a better understanding of the concept of beauty. The effect of this change results in changed behavior, as in attempts to find one's own beauty.

Although some features are similar, adult-onset of beauty is different than onset at younger ages. In difference to common wisdom, you do not have to be 18-25 to look and feel beautiful. 

Contact your photographer if you experience any of the symptoms of adult-onset of beauty to make a record of your new found beauty. If you have already been diagnosed and are having breathing difficulties due to gasping in dis-belief, contact your photographer right away. If you are searching for your beauty and would like assistance in finding it, contact your photographer to schedule a consultation on how to find your adult-onset of beauty in a photography session for beauty, tasteful boudoir, couture glamour or fashion inspired photography session. Find your beauty. 

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