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Simple is Beautiful

February 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

"Simple is beautiful."

I don't know who authored this statement, but I do agree with it. Yet, the inverse may not always be as true. "Beauty is simple." Sometimes it seems that beauty. rather than being simple, is complex and even complicated.

Dr. Jean Robey shared with me today that her young daughter has a sweet happiness about her beauty and her son knows beauty as complicated. How true it is that beauty is different for each person, each subculture and each people group around the world.

Finding your own beauty and being comfortable in your own skin is an individual search that begins early in life and continues throughout life as our body and perspectives change with age. As we mature physically, we have to go back through the process of finding our beauty all over again. And we get to do this many times throughout life. Beauty is a moving target. And some experience an adult-onset of beauty, finding their beauty for the first time later in life.

It's always a nice discovery.

For My Son

February 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

For My Son


Give your son a true reflection of womanhood and motherhood.

You were the first woman in his life. You framed his understanding of motherhood and womanhood. 
When your son sees images of you that show off your beauty, he learns to respect you as a woman, and not just as mom. It helps him  respect all women. He learns that woman are also mothers.
Each of these women in these images are mothers of sons. Each were photographed to celebrate their beauty. Now it's your turn.
Ron Brewer Images
(623) 698-2228
Poet:  Dr. Jean Robey 
The Mothers:  Dr. Jean Robey, Kathy Harris, Marie Burson
Makeup and Hair for Dr. Robey:  Jame Leydecker
Photographer:  Ron Brewer Images

For My Daugher

February 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Your daughter should have images of the beautiful you.

Images that let her see your beauty? Images for her to remember you by and cherish forever? Images that teach her about the beauty to be found in every woman as well as herself. Images that say you can celebrate each other's beauty regardless of what happens in the everyday life that you share?

Each of these women are mothers of daughters. Each were photographed to celebrate their beauty. Now it's your turn. Call Ron Brewer Images today to schedule your session.


Ron Brewer Images
(623) 698-2228

Not Everyone Likes Valentine's Day

February 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


Not everyone looks forward to Valentine's Day.  

And everyone that feels that way has their own reason. Maybe your reason is because you don't feel special. Not beautiful enough. Not enough self-confidence. You don't like the way you look. Are those not your reason? Analyze what your reason is and see if one or more of these aren't really at the base of your feelings. 

If that's where you are, then let's do something towards changing that. Let's find your beauty with images designed to do just that.

Ron Brewer Images
(623) 698-2228

Adult Onset of Beauty

February 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Adult-Onset of Beauty

An adult-onset of beauty is a condition that affects the physical appearance and emotional state of maturing women. It develops most often in women over the age of 30, but can first occur in women beyond 50 years of age. The condition is rare, but known cases are increasing at a rapid rate as women gain a new consciousness of finding their beauty.

There are no known risk factors. Common symptoms include a increased self-esteem, greater self-confidence, improved relationships, a more satisfying intimate life, and happier spouses.

The cause remains unknown, even though some thought has been given to a virus or other type of infectious agent as a trigger agent. No known proof of such agent exists to date. Most research attributes it to a change in one's belief system about beauty itself and how it relates to the patient.  That is, a change in how they see themselves and a better understanding of the concept of beauty. The effect of this change results in changed behavior, as in attempts to find one's own beauty.

Although some features are similar, adult-onset of beauty is different than onset at younger ages. In difference to common wisdom, you do not have to be 18-25 to look and feel beautiful. 

Contact your photographer if you experience any of the symptoms of adult-onset of beauty to make a record of your new found beauty. If you have already been diagnosed and are having breathing difficulties due to gasping in dis-belief, contact your photographer right away. If you are searching for your beauty and would like assistance in finding it, contact your photographer to schedule a consultation on how to find your adult-onset of beauty in a photography session for beauty, tasteful boudoir, couture glamour or fashion inspired photography session. Find your beauty. 

Ron Brewer Images


Beauty is More Than Looks and Size.

February 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Beauty is more than looks and size. It is presence. It is self awareness. It is self acceptance.

Beauty is present in the NOW. I have long felt that beauty was readily present to be captured at anytime, in anyone. After years of photographing women, I’ve watched so many women hesitate to be photographed. They want to wait, wanting to lose 2 or 20 pounds. But in waiting, they just never get around to being photographed. I wondered if somehow we could find a new way to view ourselves by a compromise of sorts.

With each New Year we feel refreshed and inspired to achieve. We make promises to ourselves to be healthier and fitter and perhaps lose weight.

I want to offer a collaboration in this effort to achieve whatever a woman wants to claim the right to her own beauty. So, I have a new promotion that allows you to set your own goals and have a rewarding end point to reach for. So often we achieve our goals for events like weddings and trips. Why not have a photo shoot booked to launch your success?

Book now for a photo shoot in April, 2015. $100 reserves your date. Between now and April’s photo shoot, you set your goals and you mark the calendar off while you work to achieve your goals. At the end of your journey, come to your shoot to celebrate! And to celebrate with you, I will waive your session fee and give you one free digital image. Plus, the $100 booking fee goes towards any purchase you make!

This is NOT a before and after shoot. This is NOT a plea to “get skinny” and be “more beautiful." You ARE beautiful. This IS a way for you to achieve your personal goals and have me on your side. It’s for you to see, after this journey and whatever it brings, that you are worth capturing in the NOW.

Beauty is more than looks and size. It is presence. It is self awareness. It is self acceptance. I believe you are beautiful NOW. If you need time, let’s book a date in spring that will allow you time, but also provide you a true goal to work towards.

Turn the eye of the beholder to April, 2015.

Ron Brewer Images
(623) 698-2228


Age Related Beauty

February 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Age Related Beauty

It's no secret that our culture worships youth. And beauty. So as we age, almost everyone feels like they lose their youthful beauty. 

But there is beauty to be found in any age. We just don't often recognize it. Since we believe beauty is only found in youthful ages, we fail to even look for it in those we don't consider youthful. Especially in ourselves. Everyone wants to be beautiful, but deep down we usually give up. We end up taking the approach of just doing the best we can. It's time to change that belief system. Recognize that there IS beauty to be found in whatever age you are. Find your own beauty at 30, 40, 50, 60 and on up. It's exciting to see the trend in the 50+ demographic that are now doing tasteful boudoir and beauty photography sessions.

You can find your beauty. At any age. Believe in yourself. And then others will see it, too.



The Beauty of Baldness

December 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The Beauty of Baldness

Boldness - My battle, My badge, My Beauty

Many women self-identify with the color and style of their hair. But then fate turns the tables and their hair is lost for medical reasons. Even if it's temporary, it's still a life changing experience. They have to learn to manage the disease and not be defined by it, which means a new way of presenting themselves to the world (wig, no wig clean shaven, or a mix).

Finding Your Beauty in A Bald World

I am starting a new photography project designed to photograph women that have lost their hair due to medical reasons. It's for the woman that wants to find and present her beauty in her new world without hair. She may or may not have found a new confidence in her baldness yet, but this project is an attempt to help you find or reaffirm that confidence. Your beauty is not about how much or how little hair you have. It's about you.

No Cost To Participants

There is no cost for participating in this project, and participants will receive two high resolution (printable) digital images from their session. Sessions will be conducted in my studio.

How To Apply


A limited number of sessions are available. Those wishing to participate may apply by sending me a private message on Facebook (on my business page) at .
Ron Brewer Images
Surprise, AZ (Phoenix suburb) 

A FREE Photo Shoot for Dancers

December 06, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


In this holiday season of giving, I would like to give the gift of a free dance photo shoot and two retouched digital images to a deserving advanced dance student, professional dancer, dance teacher, or dance studio owner.  
Private sessions last 2-4 hours and are conducted in my studio in Surprise AZ.  The session must be conducted by January 15, 2015.
Requirements of the dancer:
* Must be an ADVANCED student, pro dancers, studio owner or dance teacher.
* Must be available to do the session by January 15, 2015.
* Age is not a factor but dance experience and skill is a factor.
* Minors must have a parent present at the session.
* Dancer must return to my studio approximately two weeks after the session to select the two free digital images. Online section is not available.
* Dancer must have own wardrobe available.
* Dancer can be male or female, or a couple (especially for ball room).
Those interested may send a private message to me on Facebook at Please include your name(s), dance styles, experience level, the name of the dance studio/company with which you are currently affiliated and what type of dance you wish to have photographed (ballet, ballroom, etc).
I will select the deserving recipient from those submitting.
Ron Brewer Images

Poofy Dresses for Your Dream Photo Shoot with Ron Brewer Images

December 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

During the week of January 11, 2015, and ONLY during that week, you have the opportunity to be in your DREAM PHOTO SHOOT using any or all of these three amazing dresses! That's right, you can use these beautiful dresses for your photo shoot. These are not the normal dresses you can go out to a local store and purchase for your photo shoot.



But these dresses are available only during the week of January 11, 2015. Two of these dresses have been rented by Ron Brewer Images, so they must be returned at the end of the rental period.

And there are not many time slots open during that week, so you need to schedule your session ASAP! Call Ron Brewer Images at (623) 698-2228 to schedule.



Ron Brewer Images has these three dresses available for you to use in your own Couture Glamour Photo Shoot. 



This $900 poofy dress is covered in simulated flowers over black tulle to create a fantasy styled image of beauty. Cinderella isn't the only one with a poofy dress!




Another poofy dress is the Dionysis Corset dress. This dress bodice is a nude colored corset with black lace, along with a transparent black tulle skirt. You don't find this kind of dress in just any store and you don't see people wearing it on the street. You can look different and unique in dramatic images.

It also comes with a shoulder worn accessory to create an exotic look (shown above).



This dress is actually a wedding dress with simple but elegant lines. The skirt is full enough to glow around the feet.



The first two dress shown are size 4 and the last is a size 8. Not those sizes? Don't worry. If you are close to those sizes, we can use some studio tricks to make it look like they will fit you. We've had the Simple Elegance dress on size 4 women with no problem or adjustments. But, if needed, we can use extensions if it is too small for you, or studio clips if it's too large. Plus, camera angle, posing, and skillful retouching all go together to make everything look good.

​Want to bring your own dresses? Do it! You can use these dress, use your own dresses or mix it up.



The cost is $250, which includes the session fee, hair and makeup artist in the studio, and the use of any or all three of these dresses.


Images are sold separately at the following rates:

20 Images - $950   (normally $1,200)
10 Images - $550   (normally $800)
6 Images - $350   (normally $600)

4 Images - $250   (normally $500)
3 Images - $200   (normally $360)
Single images - $120 each.


This offer cannot be combined with other offers.


Call (623) 698-2228 to schedule your Dream Photo Shoot.

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