Kourtni's First Studio Shoot - Portraits at Ron Brewer Images in Surprise AZ

March 17, 2012  •  Leave a Comment


I recently did a model portfolio shoot for a new model, Kourtni Young.  She had a long drive from Tucson, AZ, to get to my studio (about 2 hours each way).  Believe it or not, based on the images, this was her first studio shoot!


Kourtni is one of those people that you become amazed with very quickly.  We all know someone like her, and wish we could have the same characteristics.  Kourtni is a full time college student, works two jobs, plays in three bands (two of which operate out of Phoenix) and is an aspiring model.  How do people do all of that and keep their sanity, much less be able to keep their eyes open in class?  She is the real deal and going to go far.  Watch for her.



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