And the Winner Is..... (long pause)....

March 10, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Ron Brewer Images Phoenix and Scottsdale Photographer

I recently ran a contest on my Fan Page over at Facebook, over at .   I wanted to see if people preferred the COLOR or BLACK & WHITE image recently taken of Jess.  The COLOR image win, getting 73% of the votes.  Here is the comparative:

Ron Brewer Images Phoenix and Scottsdale Photographer

One person commented that she looks like a hair model.  You know, one of those ads for hair color or for a salon.  I agree.  Actually, Jess is a professional model and we were doing a portfolio shoot for her in the studio.  So she does look like a model because she actually IS a model.  Good catch.  Jess is also a student that lives in Tucson, AZ, and had to drive over two hours each way to get to the studio.  Seems like a lot of my clients have come from Tucson recently and they all have a long drive to get here. I think I love Tucson!


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