What's the Difference Between My Beauty Inspired Portraits and Boudoir Photography?

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I have been asked what the difference is between my Beauty Inspired Portraiture for Women and Boudoir Photography, or even Glamour Photography. That's a good question. And here's the answer...


Beauty Inspired Portraiture for Women is not Boudoir Photography. But neither is it Traditional Portraiture.

Boudoir and Glamour Photography were both big in the past. Glamour Photography was particularly big in the 80's and 90's.  But they eventually gained a negative connotation because some of it was done in a style that was not tasteful to the the "everyday woman". As a result, the public started associating them with Playboy photographic styles. 

Today we are seeing a resurgence of both styles being created in a tasteful manner. You will regularly see the key term "tasteful" on the popular Boudoir Photography web sites today. They have become more attractive to women, but Boudoir Photography still has been estimated to attract only about 3% of women. The reason is that the majority of women are not comfortable being photographed in lingerie (or possibly wearing even less). The "everyday woman" is not interested in being photographed in a Playboy style, but she does want to be photographed in a style that displays her beauty and femininity.

It is these "everyday women" that find themselves comfortable with my Beauty Inspired Portraits for Women. They want more than what traditional portraiture offers, but they just are not comfortable with Boudoir Photography. My Beauty Inspired Portraits for Women fills this gap between traditional portraiture and Boudoir Photography. As I mentioned earlier, this is not Boudoir Photography and neither is it Traditional Portraiture. Boudoir Photography places the focus on the body, while Beauty Inspired Portraiture for Women places the focus on the face (like Traditional Portraiture). Yet Beauty Inspired Portraiture goes beyond Traditional Portraiture, resulting in an image that captures her beauty (like Boudoir Photography). The full body may be in the  photograph, but the main focus is still the face and not the body.  

Some might call it "Make Over Photography", but, bottom line, it is Contemporary Portraiture that has a focus on displaying the beauty of the subject.  In my studio, we can create Contemporary Portraiture with a Hollywood experienced Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist.  Talk about amazing results! You do have the choice of doing your own make-up and hair, or you have the opportunity to be pampered by Kristy Leopard, a Hollywood experienced Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist that works closely with me.  We can create beautiful images either way, but you will love the pampering and extraordinary results of using Kristy.

So just who is the "everyday woman"?  She is any size woman, from size zero to girls with curves. And she crosses the age spectrum, as many woman over 50 are very interested in Beauty Inspired Portraiture for Women.  There is a bottom age limit, as you must be at least be a teenager (teens will be photographed in an age appropriate manner and a parent must be present in the session).

Now you have the opportunity to create images that display your beauty and femininity in a style that you would be comfortable showing your friends and family.

I know what beauty looks like and I can find it in you.



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