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June 17, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

POR_0231 2012 06 15 Shelby Carr BW

What were you doing at age two?  Odds are, you weren't taking your first steps toward a career. At that tender young age, Shelby Carr was doing that very thing.

I photographed Shelby this week to create some fine art images of a dancer. Shelby answered my casting call and she fit the shoe perfectly (maybe I should say that she fit the "pointe" shoe perfectly, but I won't). She has been training for seventeen years. Being that she is now 19, she can pretty well say that she has danced though life. All but two years of it, anyway.

I can't even remember being two years old, much less know what I filled my days with back then. I'm pretty sure it was just playing, eating and sleeping. Seems not much has really changed.

Shelby is technically trained in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, acro, hip hop, lyrical, and contemporary dance. Here are a few more images displaying her amazing talent.

POR_0139 2012 06 15 Shelby Carr BW POR_0155 2012 06 15 Shelby Carr BW POR_0073 2012 06 12 Shelby Carr BW POR_0310 2012 06 15 Shelby Carr BW POR_0287 2012 06 15 Shelby Carr BW POR_0390 2012 06 15 Shelby Carr BW POR_0402 2012 06 15 Shelby Carr BW


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