A New Passion

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DSC_6744 2014 09 23 Andrea LasleyDSC_6744 2014 09 23 Andrea Lasley

It wasn't until recently that I began to appreciate the world of dance.  I don't know why it took me so long, but I'm glad that I finally got there.  

I discovered that dance is a complete world of art, in itself.  It's not only beautiful and exciting when you watch amazing dancers in motion, but it offers up endless possibilities for stunning still images.  And there lies my new passion - dance photography.

Yes, I now even watch Dancing With the Stars! Faithfully!

I find myself surprised at the physical strength required in artful dance forms. And some of them require such stringent rules to be followed.  It takes a special person to meet the expectations and not go crazy in the midst of it all.  I understand the controversy that exists on whether dancers are athletes or artists or both.  I fall to the school of thought arguing that it is "both".  I can see the rigorous training that is physically demanding, injury prone and requiring such strength.  Reminds me of football players and gymnasts, to name a couple.  The rules can be listed so simply, but one spends a lifetime tying to implement them correctly.

My hat is off to serious dancers.

Photo credit:  Andrea Lasley   www.alasley.com    



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