The Beauty of Baldness

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The Beauty of Baldness

Boldness - My battle, My badge, My Beauty

Many women self-identify with the color and style of their hair. But then fate turns the tables and their hair is lost for medical reasons. Even if it's temporary, it's still a life changing experience. They have to learn to manage the disease and not be defined by it, which means a new way of presenting themselves to the world (wig, no wig clean shaven, or a mix).

Finding Your Beauty in A Bald World

I am starting a new photography project designed to photograph women that have lost their hair due to medical reasons. It's for the woman that wants to find and present her beauty in her new world without hair. She may or may not have found a new confidence in her baldness yet, but this project is an attempt to help you find or reaffirm that confidence. Your beauty is not about how much or how little hair you have. It's about you.

No Cost To Participants

There is no cost for participating in this project, and participants will receive two high resolution (printable) digital images from their session. Sessions will be conducted in my studio.

How To Apply


A limited number of sessions are available. Those wishing to participate may apply by sending me a private message on Facebook (on my business page) at .
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