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DSC_6696 2014 12 30 Meenal Patel crop ad v3DSC_6696 2014 12 30 Meenal Patel crop ad v3Meenal Patel
by Ron Brewer Images

East Indian women residing in Arizona are of many sects but share a common reality of living between two different cultures. They have come to represent a new reality. They are East Indian-American.

I am starting a new photography project that explores what it looks like to be a beautiful Indian woman while living in America. And, in particular, Arizona.
Images will be made of each participant in their elegantly adorned Indian saris as well as in their western wardrobes.
There is no top age limit for participants. It doesn't matter if you have ever modeled before, what your weight or body type is, or if you are short or tall. You don't even have to think that you are beautiful. These will be beauty inspired images, so that's what you are going to look like - beautiful!!!  If you don't think you are beautiful, then I plan to prove otherwise.
This project is about real women living in Arizona that have blended these two cultures together. A blending of two very distinct cultures. There is a magic within that blending. It's special, and people need to see it as such. The goal is to show the beauty of living within a mixed culture. As can be seen so frequently in the media today, many people have trouble accepting cultures that are different from their own. By exposing people to the beauty of this mixed culture, I think that we can address this issue in a positive way. I want to be a part of bringing people together. 
Participants will receive two free digital images for participating.
If you are a woman of Indian descent, own saris, lives in Arizona, and would like to participate, please contact me via a private message on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/RonBrewerImages), via email at ronb@pobox.com, or by phone 623-698-2228. 


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