Simple is Beautiful

February 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

"Simple is beautiful."

I don't know who authored this statement, but I do agree with it. Yet, the inverse may not always be as true. "Beauty is simple." Sometimes it seems that beauty. rather than being simple, is complex and even complicated.

Dr. Jean Robey shared with me today that her young daughter has a sweet happiness about her beauty and her son knows beauty as complicated. How true it is that beauty is different for each person, each subculture and each people group around the world.

Finding your own beauty and being comfortable in your own skin is an individual search that begins early in life and continues throughout life as our body and perspectives change with age. As we mature physically, we have to go back through the process of finding our beauty all over again. And we get to do this many times throughout life. Beauty is a moving target. And some experience an adult-onset of beauty, finding their beauty for the first time later in life.

It's always a nice discovery.


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