Mom, I AM beautiful

May 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Most people don't like how their face looks. At least that's what I often hear as a portrait photographer. They tell me that they don't like their nose, ears, lips, chin, roundness or whatever. So they want me to make that part of their face look better.

What I find interesting, is that the very thing that people don't like about their face is not a problem for anyone else that's looking at them. Others just can't see it. Everything looks good. 

Psychologist Anna Rowley says that we are a fault-based society. We are taught from an early age to look for our faults to make them better. I agree with her. But so many people go to extremes when it comes to accepting how they look. They are overly self-critical. 

You would be surprised at how even women that are physically stunning, still have issues with their looks. I've often asked such women when it was in their history that they realized they were beautiful, or did they just always believe it as such. I often hear that they believed they were literally ugly until some point in their lives. But many still had issues with specific things about how they look.

Perhaps my favorite part of portrait photography is being able to help people feel good about how they look. I"ll never forget the day when, after seeing her images, the young teenage girl said "Mom, I AM beautiful." 


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