Maternity Photography - Mom and Baby's First Portrait

August 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

20150810_0844 2015 08 10 Sharlene Key crop 3 v2 low res wm20150810_0844 2015 08 10 Sharlene Key crop 3 v2 low res wmSharlene Key
by Ron Brewer Images


Maternity Photography - Mom and Baby's Frist Portrait 

There are a lot of different ways to take maternity images, and so  many of them create wonderful images for mom and baby. My approach is to create beauty inspired images, where the focus is on how beautiful a woman is at this special time of carrying her child. Often women don't feel very beautiful during pregnancy, but the beauty is there and can be captured in timeless images. When you are going through bodily changes and the day-to-day issues of pregnancy, it's just hard to feel beautiful. You just have to pause and let someone help you find it.

I captured this image of Sharlene about two weeks ago, and her little boy is due to meet the family in mid September. But, of course, mom already knows him well. This was their first portrait together.

Sharlene Key 


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