Enjoy Your Art from the Audience Perspective

March 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

DSC_1700 2014 11 07 Marie and Chad BursonDSC_1700 2014 11 07 Marie and Chad BursonMarie and Chad Burson
by Ron Brewer Images


Except for watching themselves practice in the studio mirrors, dancers rarely ever get to actually see themselves performing. A few lucky ones get to watch their performance when a video is professionally created.

While watching themselves in a studio mirror, dancers are focused on perfecting technique and not able to simply enjoy the beauty of their art. Plus, while in the studio, they only see themselves from their eye level vantage point. A still photograph removes those barriers and frees them to simply enjoy the art that they are creating. To see themselves from the perspective of an audience member that has the best seat in the house. They get to view their dance from varied camera angles, something they can't see in a mirror. Many artists, such as painters, get to admire their art as it's displayed in it's final form, but anyone that performs on a stage misses a lifetime of seeing the final form of their own art.

Dancers enjoy dancing, or they wouldn't dance. But think how much more they would reap the enjoyment if they could see the final form of their own art. 

Enjoy the art that you work so hard to create. Enjoy it fully.

Dancer Credit:  Chad and Marie Bursen


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