When did you first realize that you are beautiful?

February 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

There is a question that I often ask women that I am photographing. I ask them at what point in their life did they realize that they are beautiful?

Some have said that they didn't know, as they have always thought of themselves as beautiful. Most have given me a point in time, or at least a time frame (such as my senior year in high school), when they first realized their beauty. I would say that the majority first realized it after high school. Some had to think about it for awhile before they could answer, while others knew immediately when it happened.
And some have never viewed themselves as beautiful. Yet, all of them have always wanted to feel beautiful. It's just that some have yet to come to that realization. I enjoy working with them all, but this last group give me a rush of excitement and a smile to my face. These are the ones that I am going to witness a transformation in their lives. These are the ones that will joyfully cry when they see their images.


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