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DSC_6155 2014 04 09 Tye Starr compositeDSC_6155 2014 04 09 Tye Starr composite

DSC_5094 2014 04 06 Rachel Logan cropDSC_5094 2014 04 06 Rachel Logan cropRachael Logan
by Ron Brewer Images

DSC_6208 2014 04 08 Tye Starr cropDSC_6208 2014 04 08 Tye Starr cropTye Starr
by Ron Brewer Images

I'm always looking for good locations to do shoots. 

A lot of my clients want to shoot in public parks, but those aren't always the best option. Even though it can be hard to find green areas here in the Phoenix area, the green areas can tend to just become boring and flat in the background. Don't get me wrong, sometimes they are perfect for the look that you want, but I usually prefer something with architectural interest (some geometric lines) and textures in the background. Downtown can be a great area in certain places. Old, dilapidated buildings are my favorites (inside and out), but it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to gain access to them (everyone is afraid of the liability issues). Desert and mountain scenes can sometimes work for a certain look. A lot of places can work, but a lot of places just don't work. Always looking.

In the Images: Rachel Logan and Tye Starr
by Ron Brewer Images


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