What services are provided by the Studio Session Fee?

The Session Fee covers the professional time to create your beautiful portraits.  It includes consultation prior to the session, either by phone, email or in-person.  The Session Fee does not include prints, digital files, or products.  The Session Fee must be paid in full to schedule a session and is non-refundable.


How long does a session usually last?

A standard session usually runs anywhere from one hour to two hours.  A mini session runs 30+ minutes.



What is a Mini Session?

If you are short on time and are not wanting as many images, you will prefer a Mini Session.  Mini Sessions are approximately 30+ minutes in length and involve one wardrobe and one background.  Mini Sessions are not conducted on location.


How should I dress for my portrait session?


How many wardrobe changes should I bring to my portrait session?

For a standard session, you may bring up to three wardrobe changes.  



Additional participants are $25 each and may affect the length of the session and/or the number of wardrobe changes possible.




Why do you charge a Location Fee?

The Location Fee covers the extra costs related to transporting equipment to a location away from the studio.  Add $100 to the Session Fee.  Mini Sessions are not conducted on location.


Do you provide a professional Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist for your Beauty Inspired Portraits for Women?

If you are doing a Beauty Inspired Portrait for Women, you may opt to do your own make-up and hair, or  be pampered and amazed at the work of Kristy Leopard, a Hollywood experienced make-up artist and hair stylist.