Folios from Ron Brewer Images



Folios are our highest end product and an exquisite way to display your images. The Folio is a truly artistic twist to print presentation and a great alternative to an album. Albums have been around for years and it seems that most people own at least one album, but a Folio is distinctive; very few people own Folios. Each Folio is a sturdy clam shell style presentation box.  The boxes are designed with luxury in mode for today's style savvy person.  The folio box itself is black, hand-made presentation box that is finished with a beautifully textured material and a silky-smooth black ribbon.  The folio box is made from an incredibly study, long-lasting material and is of the highest quality. The deep, bevel-cut white mattes contain your 7x10" images, and everything fits snugly inside the 11x14" folio box.


You can display your images and their presentation box in your home, or you may hide them away if your have a private gallery of contemporary glamour images that you wish to keep away from prying little eyes. You can remove images from the folio box for display on a mantle or shelf. You can also remove specific images that you consider private when displaying the folio box to friends and family, so that they see only the images you wish for them to see (something you cannot do with an album).


Folio Boxes begin at $850.

Folios come in sets of 6, 10 and 20 images only.


folio boxfolio box