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When creating Boudoir or Couture Glamour portraits, you may choose to do your own make-up and hair or use your regular salon. But I highly recommend that you expand your experience with hair and make-up by one of the professional make-up and hair stylists that work in the theater and film industry. Their experience means they know what it takes to make you look your best WHEN IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. Not just anyone knows how to do that, but they do! If you would like to use one of the professionals that have worked along side of me in the past, I will be glad to assist you in making arrangements.

Not only will you look like a celebrity, but you will be pampered and feel beautiful. It makes for a fun day, and you will take even better photographs because you FEEL beautiful.

By the way, since you are going to look like a celebrity and have a shooting session that makes you feel beautiful, you have really got to consider going out that night for a romantic evening. You're already made up, dressed up and look fantastic, so paint the town red!

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