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Are you aware that Marilyn Monroe would, by today's standards, be considered a Plus Size women, or a Girl with Curves. Yet, even today, she is considered the icon of female beauty. No one thinks of Marilyn as a Plus Size women; they only think of her beauty and sensuality. Marilyn knew how to present herself, and she had people around her that knew how to present her. 


So, doesn't that prove that Plus Size women can be presented as beautiful women? Of course they can! Because Plus Size women are beautiful. And if you have the right photographer that understands the concerns of Plus Size women and has the skills to make them look beautiful, then you can have photographs that show off your beauty and sensuality. Couture Glamour Photography and Boudoir Photography are for any body size and shape. And for any age category, too. 


My Couture Glamour series was designed exactly for you, because YOU can be photographed in a beautiful, tasteful and sensual style.  And you don't even have to be wearing lingerie or be nude to do it! It's YOUR STYLE of boudoir and glamour photography. I also offer a package including hair and make-up with an experienced make-up artist. You not only will look your very best, but you will get the ultimate pampering for your photo shoot.


Capture your beauty and sensuality today.