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Our artful portraits are created in special photographic styles, including our SIGNATURE SERIES, BEAUTY INSPIRED PORTRAITURE FOR WOMEN SERIES, CLASSIC SERIES and CUSTOM SPORTS ART SERIES.  Each style is unique, but all emphasize the subject's face so that the viewer's eye is immediately drawn to appreciate the distinctiveness of the individual photographed.



Our SIGNATURE SERIES is an exciting photographic style that employs a dark or black background with a lighting approach that brings a dramatic emphasis to the individual being photographed.  The viewer's eye is directed to the subjects face.  Dark clothing is normally utilized without patterns or bold colors in order to keep the clothing from stealing the emphasis from the face
Ron Brewer Images Phoenix and Scottsdale Photographer

The COUTURE GLAMOUR SERIES is for the woman that wants more than a traditional portrait, but is not comfortable posing in lingerie; it bridges the gap between traditional portraiture and boudoir photography. She wants to be slim, maybe look a little younger, and be beautiful inside and out. These images are elegant, classy, beautiful and sensual without being "in your face." Even though the whole body may be in the image, the central focus remains on the face, and not on the body (as in boudoir photography).

This is for every woman that has ever felt like she wasn't beautiful at any time in her life. You have the option of doing your own make-up and hair, or, better yet, you can use our local Hollywood experienced Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist. It spans the age spectrum, from young women to mature women.  You should make a day of it - start by being pampered with make-up and hair that makes you look like a Hollywood celebrity, enjoy a contemporary portrait session where you feel like a beautiful star, and then go out on the town that evening because you already look and feel gorgeous!  What a special day!


This series is a featured specialty of Ron Brewer Images. Usually the wardrobe selected in this series is elegant and classy, and may include evening wear or special garments in which one feels beautiful and sensual. 


POR_7305 2013 01 01 Andrea Lasley shadow 8x10

The FASHION FLAIR SERIES creates custom portraits that have a flair of fashion. You look like you just came off the page of a magazine - or even the front cover!  You look beautiful, classy and sophisticated. 
The Art of Dance Series

The ART OF DANCE SERIES provides custom images designed specifically for dancers that want to create exciting and artistic memories of their art form.


This series is normally created in the photography studio so that every aspect of the image can be fully controlled. Periodically, images may be created on location or in the dance studio.

This series is also a featured speciality of Ron Brewer Images. It's all about creating a stunning piece of art for the dance artist. 

The Custom Fitness & Sports Art Series by Ron Brewer Images - A Phoenix Photographer

The CUSTOM SPORTS ART SERIES is all about creating unusual and dramatic images of athletes that present them in their sports environment. Studio lighting is specifically designed to enhance the subject in a way that brings out the features that best describe the player. The features may be rough and rugged or sleek and graceful, depending on the particular sport.


This series is also a featured speciality of Ron Brewer Images. 



Our CLASSIC SERIES of portraiture provides a fine art style always delivered in classic black and white. This art form brings a distinctive beauty to the individual being photographed.